Many people make decisions about their future simply to justify bad decisions made in their past.

Let me explain…

There is this guy I know (we’ll call him Neil)… and every time I meet up with him I dread asking him the question, “so how are things?” because I know that what will inevitably follow will be a tirade of mumblings and groaning’s about his unhappiness at work.

Now Neil is someone that I met at university and after graduating as an accountant he joined a firm and has now worked there for around 10 years. However how long as he known that he hated accountancy?

Always! However, despite pointing out, on numerous occasions, that he could quit at any moment and do something else his reply is always the same…

“I know I could, but if I quit now then it will be as though I wasted the last 10 years of my life”.

Now this blog is NOT to focus on how I helped Neil to overcome his limiting beliefs and shift his life to focus on what makes him happy. It is simply to point out a dangerous pattern that many of us fall into from time to time. A real life “Aesop’s Fable” as it were.

So let me take you back in time and explain that after a year of studying accountancy at university Neil told his parents that he was very unhappy and felt that the course was not for him. In fact, he was all set to switch courses and study fine art (his real passion) but his parents said,

“Given that you have spent a whole year studying accountancy, reading about it, learning about it, focusing on it, surely it would be a shame to waste all that? Finish the course and then decide what you want to do after!”

So he did? But 3 years later with even more time and energy invested, even Neil began to feel that it would be a waste if he didn’t set to work within the finance industry.

Now the thing that really scares me is this…

One day, after a lifetime spent hating his professional life, Neil will turn around, look back and realise that he didn’t spend his life doing the things that truly motivated him, that truly inspired him and why… because his parents didn’t want him to “waste a year”!

So let me ask you…

What decisions are you making about your future that are simply remnants from a previous direction? Because if you are not enjoying the ride don’t wait until the end to get off.

Remember… Hindsight is a marvellous thing but don’t wait till later to have it!

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