So I recently appeared in the Daily Express in an article on “’Dealing with Insomnia” (check it out here).

Now I have lost count of the number of sleep therapists, health articles and so-called “gurus” that give the following advice, “When it comes to sleeping well at night the most important thing is that your bed is ONLY to be used for sleep and making love”. They then tutt, grimace and shake their heads in despair if you dare mention to them that you watch TV, look at an ipad or check your phone in the bedroom at night.

This advice is all very well, however, I’ve recently seen a number of insomniacs who have mentioned the following kind of phrases to me, “Well I always fall asleep when I watch the TV in bed, but I know I shouldn’t do that!” and so, because they read somewhere that watching TV in bed is bad, they spend the next few years engaged in the activity of NOT doing the very thing that they know works for them.

Now despite what I have written above, this post is not really about insomnia, sleep issues or whether we should or shouldn’t play with our digital gadgetry in bed, it’s about something I believe is far more important.

The need to trust our own experience of the world over and above the supposed advice of experts!

Let me give you an example,

When my wife was pregnant we went to the hospital for a routine blood test and, as we are sitting there waiting to be called in, a young girl who was sitting with her friend started crying inconsolably.

As I glanced over to see if she was ok, her friend caught my eye and mouthed, “she’s phobic of needles”.

So without hesitation I walked over and explained that I work with people who have fears and phobias and would she like me to do something very quickly to help her feel better. She nodded through the tears and without explaining what I was doing, I got her tapping on various points of her body in a specific sequence associated with getting rid of emotional overwhelm. (A Thought Field Therapy Technique). Within 30 seconds of doing this she stopped crying and I ran through a couple of powerful mental visualizations to help her through the experience.

However, here is where it got interesting…

A nurse (who had witnessed the whole thing, from the girl wailing inconsolably to smiling and feeling ok) came over and asked me what I had done. I explained about TFT and tapping therapies and she replied, “Well that doesn’t really work because… blah, blah, blah, medical jargon, blah, blah, blah,”

It fascinated me that someone, despite seeing this work well with their own eyes, would rather quote to me textbook medical knowledge than trust their own sensory experience of what they had just witnessed.

So, if watching the TV in bed helps you to sleep easily… why not do it? Why ignore something that you have spotted works well for YOU?

My advice is therefore, regardless of what the experts say,

Pay attention to what works for YOU and then do more of it!

Pay attention to what does NOT work for YOU and then do less of it!

And by the way, ONLY use this advice if it works for you 😉


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