Release Anxiety In 3 EASY Steps

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Want to know HOW you can stop feeling so anxious?

Here are 3 great methods that can begin to put you back in control of your thinking…

1. Remember They Are Just Thoughts…

Your brain is wired up to respond to imagined things as though they were real.

Let me explain…

Have you ever had the experience where someone goes up to a big blackboard and slowly scrapes their fingernails down it… making THAT sound?

Did you get that ‘squirmy’ feeling even just reading that description? (Or even seeing the picture?)

If you did, how can that be? Think about it… there was NO REAL Blackboard… and there was NO REAL sound… but my description simply invited you to imagine these things and yet, despite the fact that you imagined them, is it not true that you had real physiological feeling of ‘squirm’?

All those things that you have been anxious about work in the same way! 

Chances are you are either picturing things or saying things to yourself that put imagined worst case scenarios in your mind… and you brain is triggering a REAL physiological response! Even though they are just thoughts.

It’s like somehow we forgot that they are just thoughts.

So STEP 1 for beginning to release anxiety is simply to connect with the realisation that those things you had been feeling anxious about are just thoughts!

Really connecting with this helps you to observe them as thoughts and stops giving that anxiety credence.

2. Practice Peripheral Vision…

Often, people struggle with anxiety because they have what feels like unending and unyielding self-talk.

(You know that internal voice that says, “what if this happens?… what if that happens?… what if I can’t do it?…. what if that terrible thing that I imagined actually occurred… what if… oh no… now I’m feeling anxious… now I’m beginning to panic etc”)

Well let me share a really powerful technique that often has the effect of quietening down that unhelpful internal voice.


So look ahead and choose a particular spot to focus on…

Now start out by really focusing and noticing all the aspects of that spot you have chosen. Then gradually begin to take 3 deeper breaths and as you do start to move your awareness to the space around that spot…

And as you continue to take those deep breaths move your awareness further and further to the sides as you become more aware of what is at the periphery of your vision…

Holding your attention in this way notice the sensations and feelings of being in this state.


Many people report to finding this having a very calming affect which creates a quietness of the mind.

So… practice and play with this and remember that if you were to feel anxious… simply pause and find that spot ahead of you as take a deep breath and move your focus of attention into peripheral vision.

3. Dissociate from the bad… and associate into the good.

Close your eyes and imagine being on a rollercoaster… literally seeing what you would be seeing as you climb up the track higher and higher.

Notice the feelings that occur as you imagine this vividly.

Now open your eyes and shake off…

This time close your eyes and imagine sitting on a park bench looking up at yourself on that rollercoaster over there.

Notice the feelings that occur when you imagine it this way.

Which one had the most sensation to it? The first one right?

But why?

Because… you were associated into the image… literally putting yourself there.

This is vastly different to the experience of seeing yourself disassociated from it (as though it were happening to someone else.)

But what has this got to do with anxiety?

Well think about something that has been making you feel anxious and chances are you have got into the habit of thinking about it as though it’s happening to yourself… literally seeing what you would be seeing as you play out some worse case scenario.

No wonder you have been anxious! You have been the star of your own first person perspective “Blare Witch project”! (Remember your brain is going to respond to the imagined stuff as though it were real.)

However, take a moment and literally step out of the image… see those images as though they were happening to someone else…

Feels a little better right?

So… remember to take time to literally disassociate from those unhelpful movies you have been making… (but remember to associate with the ones that make you feel great.)

Doing this daily can really to help to create some better patterns of thinking! Enjoy.

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