Trouble Sleeping?

Are you becoming anxious about going to bed because you know you’ll have trouble sleeping?

Do you lie awake at night unable to turn off your internal dialogue?

Do you struggle to switch off at night as you are too busy worrying about things?

Does your partner snore and it’s hard to block out the noise?

Switch Off

Switch off and stop those unwanted thoughts whizzing around your mind and keeping you awake!

Relax Easily

Learn how to slow down your mind and relax easily. Wouldn’t be nice to feel refreshed each morning?

Go Back To Sleep

If you wake up in the middle of the night wouldn’t be great to be able to drift off to sleep quickly and easily?


Learn how to go into an altered state at will so that you can drift off to sleep easily.

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How will you help me with insomnia?


Breaking the pattern

Going to sleep and sleeping easily should be a natural process for us all. However, sometimes when going through stressful times, or for no apparent reason, we can all suffer from periods of trouble sleeping. The trouble is this.

You need to be relaxed to sleep easily… and the more you struggle with something the more tense you become and the harder sleep becomes.

I have come across many people who actively try to fall asleep… but are so engaged in the process of trying to sleep they keep themselves awake.

I can show to how to break this pattern.

How many sessions will I need?

Most simple sleep related issues can be dealt with in one 1.5 hour session.

However, once I have spoken to you and found out exactly what is going on I will be able to give you a proper indication of how long it will take.

Please Note

Unlike some therapists, I don’t book you in for more than 1 session at a time… and I only work with you if YOU feel that it’s making a difference!

What Are People Saying?

Whilst it used to be worse during stressful periods, I don’t remember ever being able to get to sleep easily. I would lie awake every night unable to turn off the internal voice in my head. The more I noticed it the more it kept me awake and I got into a really bad cycle where I became anxious and nervous about bedtimes. Howard helped me regain control of that inner voice and showed me techniques that actually allow the inner voice to help me sleep. I am no longer anxious in the evenings. Thanks again!

S Travers


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