Stopping Smoking

Do you want to break the habit and the addiction?

Are you 100% committed to giving up?

Hard to imagine?

Want to stop smoking but just don’t know how? Can’t imagine a life without nicotine despite your health suffering?

Serial Quitter or Social Smoker?

Are you a serial quitter… but never able to stop in the longterm? Are you a social smoker who can’t seem to say “NO” when you’re out with friends?

100% Committed?

Are you 100% committed to stopping but something stops you sticking to it? Wish that cigarettes no longer held a power over you?

How will you help me stop smoking?

Realise there are 3 key factors!
  1. The habit
  2. The addiction
  3. The positive function that smoking served.
One of the reasons why we are so successful helping people to stop smoking is we work with all of these areas.
Working with these 3 key factors?

Using a variety of quick change processes you will very quickly be able to reduce the addictive urges that you have. In fact I always ask smokers to arrive at the session wanting a cigarette so that you can see how easy it is to turn this craving off.

Then we give you strategies to help break the habit! 

Most smokers are habitual by nature, smoking at regular times or in response to regular triggers throughout the day. For example: Every time they get in the car, When they wake up, When they feel stressed, After a meal, The list goes on…

In fact, many smokers report to “finding themselves with the cigarette in their mouth lighting up to smoke” almost as if they weren’t consciously thinking about it. Therefore, we break this automatic pattern… which gives people back their choice!

Finally, we realise that smoking (whether we like it or not) is serving some positive function in your life. For most, it’s giving you a feeling of release and relaxation when needed.

We show you how you can get this positive feeling without needing to smoke… once we do that you can stay smoke free without feeling that you are missing out on anything.

What else do I need to know?

This is ultimately about putting you back in control… so that without feeling the pull of the addiction or reeling from the momentum of habit… you get to decide whether you want to be a smoker or not?

WARNING: When it comes to stopping smoking, if you don’t really want to stop or aren’t 100% committed to being smoke free, then when you are faced with this decision you may still choose the nicotine route! 

This means that If actually you have been sent to see me by a (probably well intentioned) loved one then it is unlikely to work well for you!

If however, this is a change you are 100% committed to… then we can help!

How many sessions will I need?

Around 60% – 70% of the people I work with require simply one 1.5 hour session. However, I do tell people that it can take up to 2 or 3 sessions.

The golden rule though is this… if after 1 session you notice a tangible change and you feel that it is working for you then great, we continue with sessions 2 and / or 3 as required.

(For example, 30% of people say to me after one session things like, “I haven’t stopped but I just haven’t enjoyed it in the same way”… or… “I have dramatically cut down and didn’t really feel like smoking much at all!”)

Please Note

Unlike some therapists, I don’t book you in for more than 1 session at a time… and I only work with you if YOU feel that it’s making a difference!

What Are People Saying?

Having smoked for 35 years and having failed on a number of occasions to give up, I went to see Howard and after just one session I no longer had the urge to smoke. Even more surprising was just 2 weeks later I realised that I was thinking of myself as a non-smoker. That was 2 years ago and having not smoked at all since that first session, I am now happier and healthier than I have been in a long time.

C Davison


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