Obsessive Compulsive Issues

Are you a “Washer”? A “Checker”?, A “Counter”? An “Arranger” or a ” Hoarder”?

Are you constantly making sure things are clean? Frequently checking you locked the door?

Do you get stressed when things aren’t neatly lined up or aren’t in groups of 3?

A Bespoke Mental Toolkit

After working out exactly how the issue effects you, I give you bespoke mental reprogramming tools to change the unhelpful patterns.

Take Back Control

Essentially the way I work is I help you get control back over these patterns… in fact, often we get them working for you.

A Key Question?

Whilst many people have obsessive compulsive thoughts from time to time… The big question is… Are these issues intrusive in your life?

How will you help me become free from Obsessive Compulsive Issues?


My Approach?

However your obsessive compulsive issues are affecting you, chances are there is an element of this that is related to the “over-protection of self”. For example, people who are obsessed with cleaning 24/7 are over-protecting themselves from germs or harmful bacteria. Those who are “checkers” are making sure that they haven’t left something on (like an oven) or unlocked (your house) that might cause potential harm in the future.

I will work with you and, using a variety of cutting edge psychological techniques, we will put you back in control so that your “over protection of self” is no longer intrusive for you.

Often however, rather than trying to get rid of you OCD I will simply show you how you can get it working for you, rather than against you. A belief I have (which has served me well) is that there is nothing intrinsically bad about being obsessive about things… the problem is being obsessive about the wrong things (e.g. switching on an off light switches).

Think about it… if you were obsessive about living life positively and learning from past mistakes… you probably wouldn’t come and see me!

How many sessions will I need?

Many obsessive compulsive issues can be dealt with in just 1 or 2 sessions.

However, once I have spoken to you and found out exactly what is going on I will be able to give you a proper indication of how long it will take.

Please Note

Unlike some therapists, I don’t book you in for more than 1 session at a time… and I only work with you if YOU feel that it’s making a difference!

What Are People Saying?

Whilst it may sound crazy, whenever I left the house I used to have to check that the door was locked 64 times… and if I lost count I would have to go back and start again. I have been embarrassed about this for years. After my first session with Howard I was able to leave the house only checking the door once! This has made and enormous difference to my life!

S Nathan


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