Anxiety & Panic Attacks

If there was a way you could reclaim control over your own mental processes without having to spend years in therapy, wouldn’t that be worth exploring?

Do you suffer from panic attacks or high levels of anxiety?

Do you feel as though you have NO CONTROL over panic and that there’s no hope for you?

Is your anxiety / panic attacks affecting your everyday life?

Do you feel alone and that no one really understands how scary a panic attack feels?

How will you help me get rid of my anxiety / panic attacks?

I really do understand… I used to suffer from anxiety & panic attacks!

When I was 16 I developed severe anxiety issues and suffered from debilitating panic attacks. I literally couldn’t do anything and became not only agoraphobic, but “life-phobic”. Getting through each day was a battle for me. However, after 3 years of therapy I gradually got better. This was all a very long time ago now but as you can imagine I now have a special passion for helping people with anxiety and panic attack issues. “No one should have to suffer with these issues!”

In fact, one for the reasons I moved into this line of work was due to the frustration that it took 3 years for me to get better but I wished there was a faster and more efficient way of dealing with it!

Good news!… There is a better way! I have now helped people get over anxiety and panic attacks issues in just one 1-hour session. Whilst occasionally some people do need more than 1 session, I need you to realise that, despite what you may have been told previously, it is possible to have fast and pervasive results.

Identifying the panic / anxiety process… and give you back control.

Whilst it feels as though you have no control over the anxiety / panic attacks, I will help you identify the specific set of feelings that tell you the panic is starting. Then using various behavioural change methods, taken from NLP, Hypnosis, TFT, DHE, I will give you the skills to take back control over your own neurology.

This is about putting you back in the driving seat of your own brain!

How many sessions will I need?

Depending on the nature of the anxiety / panic attacks that you are experiencing, the number of session needed may vary. My role, as an expert in rapid behavioural change, is to work out the processes that occur unconsciously to create your anxiety / panic. Once we have done this we can give you back control.

Feel free to give me a call… Once I have spoken to you and found out exactly what is going on I will be able to give you a proper indication of how long it will take.

Please Note

Unlike some therapists, I don’t book you in for more than 1 session at a time… and I only work with you if YOU feel that it’s making a difference!

What Are People Saying?

I am fed up of the amount of people who told me to “pull myself together”. Most people didn’t realise that my anxiety and panic attack issues were much more than simply getting a “little tense!” There were a couple of occasions when friends called ambulances because they saw my panic attacks and thought I was dying (Sometimes… so did I!). I felt that I could not control them and I became terrified of the next panic attack coming. After I worked with Howard… I realised that I could not only bring the panic on at will but also (and more importantly)… I could turn it off! I am now living my life without that feeling of dread overwhelming me! In fact, I’m enjoying life!

L Crocker

I cannot believe the changes in myself after just one session. After many many years of living in my small world I am already beginning to feel more confident about driving and flying and feel ready to do things I haven’t been able to do for many years.

My life is changing for the better every day and the strategies you helped me to put in place are working.

I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone wanting help to overcome their issues.

Donna F, Essex

I had something coming up and I was really feeling extremely stressed and anxious about it. I had never felt this way before and was worried how I was ever going to be able to get rid of these feelings. I had one session with Howard and I not only felt much better but also had the tools and the ability to stay calm. The event came up and I dealt with it without any anxiety all in, in fact I felt like a different person, the person I wanted to be – confident and strong! I have no hesitation in recommending Howard to anyone who needs to have a positive change in their life.

Lauren, London


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