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I have suffered with emetophobia (fear of sick) amongst other anxieties for 26 years & tried lots of different methods to help me overcome my phobia.
I was recommended to Howard by a friend who had recently seen him to overcome her own phobias. After an initial free telephone consultation I could sense Howard had a different approach to others people I had previously seen. He kindly fitted me in quickly as I had an upcoming holiday which was making my anxiety extremely bad. After my first session, I managed to go on holiday and definitely felt much calmer than I had in the previous 6 months. A few weeks later I had a second session and discovered a number of new ways to deal with the anxiety and phobias that have been taking over my life for so long and most importantly a new way of looking at it all.
I’m positive that these new methods will see me deal with my anxiety in a much more manageable way. Thank you Howard.
Sophie Young

Hi my name is Mark and I went to see Howard regarding a problem I’ve had for years… INSOMNIA… not sleeping! On first meeting Howard I liked him straight away, his approach is somewhat different and I would say unique. I’ve seen many Hypnotherapists before, but Howard makes you see things in a different way, completely changing your outlook of problem. It is what is says on the tin, rapid change! Very intelligent man and fun to work with and I can honestly say after two sessions, you come out feeling very much different and 100% better and more positive, thankyou Howard was a joy to meet you, and I would fully recommend you for anyone that wants a fast change in there life, it worked for me.
Mark, Hertfordshire

It’s hard to believe the change in my 11 year old son after a couple of sessions with Howard. After many years of suffering from an extreme vomit phobia he now no longer gives it a second thought. The methods Howard uses are relaxed, offbeat and funny, so much so that you find it hard to believe they will have any effect! Nevertheless my sons mental wellbeing has dramatically improved to the point where he can enjoy life as any child should without the burden of that worry. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Howard.
Carl, Hertfordshire

I first suffered from a bout of viral labyrintitus in 2008.  I was, during that period, sometimes unable to walk without clinging on to lamp posts and walls. That condition came and went for many years until, in September 2018 I went seriously “wonky” again. I have an office on the 16th floor with floor to ceiling windows and after 5 months of no issues, suddenly I was unable to sit at my desk, would resort to sitting on the floor, and had the absolute certainty that I would be falling out of the glass wall, despite, mentally knowing that this couldn’t happen. In addition to this sudden re-appearance of vertigo, I had a work-trip to the US looming which I had to attend. 

My first steps were maybe what most people would take – firstly, I booked myself onto a Fear of Flying Course, a full day in Heathrow, including a flight, I then saw a vestibular specialist, who referred me to another “more senior” specialist, who eventually prescribed medication.

The medication was prescribed a week before my flight to the US and I was in tears of desperation at that appointment, knowing the medication would take 6 weeks to kick in and I had a flight in 5 days.

I then found Howard.

Two sessions later, so within a total of 3 hours, I found tools that meant I could get on the flight, be calm, know for absolute certain that I could deal with that flight and the apprehension prior to it, and that’s exactly what happened.

I flew home on an early Monday morning, returned to my office on Tuesday, and am sat by my window, happily looking onto the London landscape, without a wobble, a sweat or a fear in my head.  I am not taking any medication.

I was 100% skeptical about “hypnotism”.  I am a solicitor, I don’t go for gimmicks and I always think a “qualified doctor” is best. I do not believe in miracle cures.

However, I would encourage anyone to make an appointment with Howard, whether that is for a fear of flying, heights, spiders, or any other issue.

I genuinely feel liberated and powerful to be able to cope with my vestibular condition, vertigo, and absolute fear of flying exacerbated by a medical condition, and incredibly grateful to have found him. 

Elena C


Working for six years for a complete bully left me suffering from panic attacks in the work environment, which soon spread to other situations. CBT and NLP helped me manage them but they never went away and avoidance of situations that might cause them was often an easier option, meaning that I was limiting the things I did as a result.
When I was referred to Howard I was sceptical that after so long he could cure me but it took him all of 1.5 hours and the panic attacks have completely gone. Don’t believe that you have to suffer. Howard really can help you and your life will change for the better.
Karen, London

[Taken from an email]

Dear Howard,

I thought you might be interested in my progress. I have just returned from three weeks cycling in France during which, my wife and I, visited the original place where my fear of heights/ sheer edges first manifested itself.

The place is the Cirque de Navacelles, an amazing huge hole in the ground caused by erosion, with very sheer sides – it is entered and left by roads that descend steeply clinging  to the sheer edges. I am attaching a photo showing the road used on the way in from the rim, taken from our road out on the opposite side.

We first visited in 1995 when I cycled down rather slowly on the left side of the road, as close to the cliff face as possible, absolutely terrified, while my wife cycled ahead of me on the (correct) right hand side of the road in case traffic came. This time I descended reasonably normally on the right side of the road next to the edge without difficulty. I won’t pretend I was unaware of the drop but I was comfortable with it which is quite something!

Thanks very much for your help in achieving this  – it hasn’t been seriously tested since I came to see you 2 years ago!

Best wishes


David, London

We flew to spain in the summer and its the most relaxed flight i’ve ever been on! You commented that a client you had worked with was looking around for the fear, as it had gone away – and that literally was me!  It has gone. I listened to the recording of the session you provided every day in the run up to the flight and practised the relaxation techniques religiously – i put in a lot of time and effort and it was very well rewarded. I cannot thank you enough for this it has truly changed my life, so once again – thank you!
Anita L, Southampton

I met with Howard nearly 2 years ago to tackle my fear of traffic jams and I wanted to let you know that it worked a treat and I can happily spend time sitting in traffic jams. I fact, I believe without your help, I would have become a hermit by now. However since the session, I’ve now driven all over the country alone for work, Scotland, Cumbria, Northumberland, completely free of fear. The session with you really changes my life. Thank you.
G Newman, UK

This year I flew to Portugal for a family holiday  (first flight in eight years!). Additionally, after 2 years of trying for a baby, I finally fell pregnant around the same time. I really believe that the release of stress I felt, after Howard’s session, not only allowed me to overcome my fear but also helped me to be relaxed enough to conceive… For that I will be eternally grateful.
Stephanie T

[Copied from a postcard from a “now ex-phobic” flyer!]

I’m writing this from San Francisco. Thank you so much for your help. The flight was amazing and I can’t quite believe that it was so good. I can’t wait to go to travel the world! Thank you again.

R Hill

For the last 15 years I have not been able to travel on motorways or main roads due to a severe phobia. Immediately after seeing Howard I was able to drive home on the main roads without feeling anxious at all! I don’t really understand how it happened but I’m very pleased it did! I can’t recommend him enough!
H Rebecca

I am fed up of the amount of people who told me to “pull myself together”. Most people didn’t realise that my anxiety and panic attack issues were much more than simply getting a “little tense!” There were a couple of occasions when friends called ambulances because they saw my panic attacks and thought I was dying (Sometimes… so did I!). I felt that I could not control them and I became terrified of the next panic attack coming. After I worked with Howard… I realised that I could not only bring the panic on at will but also (and more importantly)… I could turn it off! I am now living my life without that feeling of dread overwhelming me! In fact, I’m enjoying life!
L Crocker

I cannot believe the changes in myself after just one session. After many many years of living in my small world I am already beginning to feel more confident about driving and flying and feel ready to do things I haven’t been able to do for many years.

My life is changing for the better every day and the strategies you helped me to put in place are working.

I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone wanting help to overcome their issues.

Donna F, Essex

I had something coming up and I was really feeling extremely stressed and anxious about it. I had never felt this way before and was worried how I was ever going to be able to get rid of these feelings. I had one session with Howard and I not only felt much better but also had the tools and the ability to stay calm. The event came up and I dealt with it without any anxiety all in, in fact I felt like a different person, the person I wanted to be – confident and strong! I have no hesitation in recommending Howard to anyone who needs to have a positive change in their life.
Lauren, London

I knew how to lose weight, and I understood about eating healthy, but I just couldn’t stop myself eating chocolate! After 1 session with Howard I just didn’t fancy chocolate anymore. That was 6 months ago and not only am I still not eating chocolate, I’m now 28 pounds lighter! Thanks again!

C Harris

Having smoked for 35 years and having failed on a number of occasions to give up, I went to see Howard and after just one session I no longer had the urge to smoke. Even more surprising was just 2 weeks later I realised that I was thinking of myself as a non-smoker. That was 2 years ago and having not smoked at all since that first session, I am now happier and healthier than I have been in a long time.
C Davison

Whilst it used to be worse during stressful periods, I don’t remember ever being able to get to sleep easily. I would lie awake every night unable to turn off the internal voice in my head. The more I noticed it the more it kept me awake and I got into a really bad cycle where I became anxious and nervous about bedtimes. Howard helped me regain control of that inner voice and showed me techniques that actually allow the inner voice to help me sleep. I am no longer anxious in the evenings. Thanks again!
S Travers

Whilst it may sound crazy, whenever I left the house I used to have to check that the door was locked 64 times… and if I lost count I would have to go back and start again. I have been embarrassed about this for years. After my first session with Howard I was able to leave the house only checking the door once! This has made and enormous difference to my life!
S Nathan

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