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This technique (number 2 out of 3) is designed to help you overcome those awkward moments when someone rings up on a new enquiry and ends up taking up all your time because they won’t stop talking.

In other words, dealing with “the talker”.

In part 1 we talked about how to tell the prospect how long you want to be on the phone for so that you can stack the odds in your favour of it being a focused call.

So what is technique number 2 all about?

Technique 2: Match – Lead – Question

Quite often, when faced with the “talker”, you’ll find that, as they gabble away at you, they gather momentum and tend to go from one subject to another. Also they aren’t usually able to stay focused to the question asked or they simply want to give you too much information (an unnecessary level of detail).

So… notice the pace, volume and rhythm the person is using to express themselves (fast, loud, staccato, etc) and then whilst MATCHing these same non-verbal patterns (same pace, volume and rhythm) you interrupt them saying something along the lines of…

“So sorry to jump in here but it sounds as though you have all sorts of things that you need to talk to us about…”

Now you go start slowing down so that you can LEAD them into a more relaxed pace.

(slowing down) “…and all sorts of things going on at the moment… but what I need to do… so that we can give you… the best… help… possible is simply to ask you…”

If you do this right… they will slow down with you and give you an opportunity to ask them a QUESTION

E.g. “What sort of budget are you are looking to spend?”

Asking them a focused question will help to regain control over the conversation.

Remember: Questions control focus! He or she who asks the questions controls the conversation!

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