So Where Did It All Begin?


I used to be phobic of spiders! And no, I don’t mean slightly perturbed, scared or mild dislike… I’m talking about a “waving my arms around and screaming like a lunatic” kind of phobia.

I was taken to therapists and doctors and nothing seemed to work… and gradually the phobia was getting worse.

Years later, I found myself on a personal development course where I met a hypnotherapist who assured me that they could get rid of my phobia in less than 20 minutes!

Now, not only was I was very cynical but, seriously how could this person dare to tell me that my phobia was so weak he could remove it in less time than it takes Jamie Oliver to cook an evening meal!

Surely, if doctors or other therapists that I had been to had failed after hours of intense therapy (and in some cases months and years), how could this person be so confident that he could help.

However, I was struggling with my phobia and it was beginning to interfere with my life.

“I was fed up of having to check my shoes every morning for spiders before putting them on. I was fed up of having to check my pillows and bedding for spiders each night before going to bed.”

And so I went to see him and…

He spoke to me… that’s all!

Not once did he ask me why I was phobic! Not once did he try to insinuate I had a bad childhood or suffered tremendous past trauma he just spoke to me!

However, after just 20 minutes he asked would I be interested to hold a tarantula and to my surprise I found myself feeling completely at ease at the concept.

And there I was sitting in his office when moments later he place a Chilean Rose Tarantula in my hands and…

I remained anxiety free!

Now, to me, this experience shifted 2 things in my life.

  1. I was no longer phobic of spiders.
  2. My eyes were now firmly open to the possibility of fast and effective behavioural change…


And this became a passion.

You see what struck me was how amazing these changes were. I wasn’t being given injections or medications, I was simply being spoken to and this person was simply using language to help me have significant mental shifts in my patterns of thinking.

I developed a thirst for knowledge with the following question resonating in my head… “how can I learn the precise skills to help facilitate change?

To me, this is all about the “language of communication”.

Our ability to communicate with each other is one of the most powerful toolsthat we all have, yet very few of us really take the time to understand how precision communication can be used to really make a difference to others.

Since then I have spent years learning from some of the top communicators, have helped countless individuals create positive (and previously thought impossible) changes in their lives, I have trained thousands of people both in business and personal contexts to increase their communication toolkit. And now I have decided to start a blog to share my thoughts, experiences, techniques to help everyone to create powerful shifts towards positive behavioural changes.

Stay tuned…

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