Only the other day I was working with someone helping them to deal with their fear of flying when they said to me, “it’s really strange, because as a child I used to love to fly… I found it exciting!”

To me, I wonder what would happen to us all if we started to look at the world again through the eyes of an excited child discovering new things.

I remember getting my first computer game and being so excited that I simply couldn’t contain myself and this was a game which consisted of only 3 large pixels moving around a screen! Can you imagine how I would have responded if I had seen the latest iPad or racing game.

I was at a supermarket recently when I heard a five year old say to his dad, “I had the best cheese sandwich earlier… it was awesome!”

Now, if you can look at a cheese sandwich and get an excited feeling inside then you need never be unhappy again.

I think for some of us, as we grow up we take more and more about the world for granted and it takes ever increasingly impressive things to move us towards joy and excitement.

Yes… I was impressed by the fountain display outside the Bellagio in Las Vegas, but years ago I remember sticking my finger in a tap with the water running and getting excited by the way the water squirted out everywhere.

Perhaps if we were able to start to look at the world through those more youthful eyes, we would begin to discover more joy, excitement, hope and opportunities than before.


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  • Close your eyes
  • Remember a time when you were a child and you saw something that was incredible… something you thought was awesome!
  • Float into your childhood self and notice what your were seeing, hear what you hearing and let that good feeling of excitement and curiosity fill you up inside.
  • Whilst keeping inside this feeling of deep childhood wonder, open your eyes and notice all the things around you but see them in this new way. (Are there windows… isn’t glass amazing… it’s a hard substance but you can see through it? Wow… aren’t cars amazing? Isn’t it cool that when people have a cut their body knows how to make itself heal? Televisions are beaming moving colour images directly into your house… isn’t that incredible etc)
  • When you are ready close your eyes and float back to the here and now keeping inside that renewed sense of wonder and awe!


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