Have you ever been at work when someone, with a new enquiry, rings up and turns out to be a “talker?” Despite the fact that all relevant information can be dealt with in 5 minutes or less, the person keeps going on and on in what can only be described as a waterfall of verbal irrelevancies?

Whilst, I would place money on the fact that we have all had this from time to time we often struggle to reclaim control over the conversation.

Obviously, it’s never ok to tell someone to shut up! So what can we do to keep control of our time better when dealing with the “talker”?

3 Techniques To Manage The “Talker”…

This blog contains technique 1 – Parts 2 and 3 to follow shortly.

1) Set a clear estimation of time in advance and… get them to agree to it!

I have often been into organisations and asked people, “How long would you want to be on the phone for when dealing with an average new enquiry?”

Then I ask them the follow up question, “How many prospects actually stick to that time?”

Now usually with a sigh they all expound how often people talk for far too long.

Now here is the kicker question I ask them… “How many of you tell the prospect how long you want the call to last at the beginning of the call?”

You can guess what the answer to this is!

But stop and think about this. Why should we get frustrated that the prospect doesn’t stick to an ideal timescale they didn’t know existed?

So at the start of any conversation take control and tell them how long your ideal timescale is!

E.g. Hi, my name is Mike, I understand that you are interested in finding out more about our product/service… Lets have a chat so I can find out exactly what you are looking for and I can give you an outline of how we can help… it will take around 5 – 7 minutes… is that ok?

The idea of doing this is not so you can get to 7 minutes and slam the phone down whilst saying, “times up”… but simply that you are flagging up (to the potential talker) that this is NOT intended to be one of those long “tell me your life story” conversations.

Doing this will increase the chances that the conversation is easier to manage in terms of time.

Check back soon for techniques 2 and 3!…

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