Key With Success Word Showing WinningI know I’ve blogged about a number of personal development issues recently. However, I wanted to take time to remind everyone that a key part of my work is training organisations and businesses to increase their revenue streams by honing and developing better customer service and sales/influence skills.

One of the things I like to get people to do during business training sessions is to write down one good thing and one bad thing about the experience of going to see your GP. (Feel free to try this exercise for yourself before reading on.)


So why do I get people to do this?

Well, in all the years I have been doing this, most people tend to note down similar things. They say things like… “I like the fact that my doctor seems to care”“he’s easy to talk to”. I even had one lady who said, “the thing I like about my doctor is he is very good looking!”

However, when it comes to things that people dislike about their GP experience they tend to say things like, “it’s hard to get an appointment”“the waiting room has old magazines that you wouldn’t want to touch as they’re covered in sick people germs” and “the receptionists are rude”!


What does this highlight?

Now whilst some of these answers are amusing, the interesting thing for me is that people tend not to comment on the actual diagnostic ability of the doctor. They don’t say, “I like my doctor because when I go with a sore throat he gives me the correct antibiotics in the correct dosage”. The reason we don’t comment on this is because we merely assume that they are right. We assume that if they are a qualified medical practitioner then, when they look in your throat and prescribe you medication, they are giving you the right advice.

As we don’t have the expertise to comment on their medical knowledge, the only barometer we have, in telling whether they are a decent GP, is not by the quality of the product you get (an accurate diagnosis) but the delivery of that service.


Delivery of service makes the difference

Most organisations have the same issue. For example, think about a law firm writing wills for people. Joe Public can’t look at two wills done by two different firms and know which one is legislatively best. Therefore, the only way the prospect has of distinguishing who is the best lawyer comes down to the quality of service delivery.

So whether you are in retail, professional services, construction etc, be careful when thinking through your marketing message.

Are you simply focusing your message on things that most buyers already assume to be true (quality product)? Or are you focusing on how can you create a spectacular delivery of service for your customers?


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